Who you pitching?

You can have the pitch that takes your brand to the next level but if doesn’t get it to the right person, it’s going straight to the trash. Let's fix that today! We are going to take a dive into who’s who in the masthead and learn what the heck their job titles really mean and if you should pitch them.

Editor-in-chief or Publisher: This person's job is to make sure the vision, tone, and content of a particular magazine is one that sets it up for success. A part of their job is to oversee everyone in the editorial team from Art Directors to Contributing Writer. Basically, they have the final say so over the magazine. With all the hustle and bustle of running the mag, this person will not be looking for your pitch.

Deputy Editor or Executive Editor: This is the Editor-in-chief or Publisher’s right hand. This person is making final edits, giving feedback when necessary, and making sure everything is packaged together and aligns with the magazine main vision. Don’t send you pitch to this person either.

Managing Editor: They decide whether articles are accepted or rejected. A part of their job is to make sure production is on time.  Unless it’s a small local or regional outlet, they are not the ones to pitch to.

Senior Editor: These editors develop story ideas, write articles, edit articles, assign work to reporters or jr. staff, and work with the design department. Pitch away!


Editorial Assistant: – Editorial assistants manage the administrative tasks of running a publication. They are not the ones to pitch to.

Associate Editor: Associate Editors are usually responsible for writing and/or assigning the Front of Book and Back of Book  columns and stories. You can pitch this person!

Copy Editor:  These are the people who roll their eyes at editorial mistakes. They are responsible for making sure there are no typos, grammatically incorrect sentences or other mistakes in the copy. You do not want to pitch them!

Features Editor:  A features editor writes those special pieces that aren’t breaking news but we all enjoy reading. A part of their job is to assign stories to reporters or jr. staff; They also generate ideas for feature stories, review and guide reporters on the direction of their pieces and help locate new sources. Pitch away

Digital editor: A digital content editor takes web content from idea to publication by overseeing a staff team or freelancers. Pitch away!

Contributing Editor: Basically a freelance writer who has published multiple times in the magazine. You can pitch to them!

Other people NOT to pitch to would be TV Anchors/ Host and Marketing/Advertiser contacts. They have nothing to do with the editorial content or segments you’re trying to pitch.

With the right media contacts you will be on your way to securing the placements you deserve.

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