Streamline your social media

Social Media is a true task. I used to spend hours and hours staring at my screen thinking about what I wanted to post that day until I just gave up and logged out. I don’t want you to be me so I’m going to give you what you need t0 rock out social media and then i’m going to share my favorite social media tools.

Establish your goals

Understanding why you are actually on social media and what it is you are looking to get out of being on social media, will make it easier for you to plan and monitor your efforts. Your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific: Your goals should be clear, simple and defined.

  • Measurable: You should be able to measure your progress. For example, to gain 1,000 followers is a measurable goal.

  • Achievable: Will you actually be able to achieve this goal?

  • Realistic: Do you have resources to achieve your goals. Are you being reasonable with your expectations?

  • Time sensitive: Your goals should have a time frame. Make sure it’s reachable but still adds a little pressure to make sure it gets done. Starting out with short term goals will help aide you in the long term goals you have established.

Find out who’s in your target audience

Who are you trying to reach? What do they like? Who are they following? What are they posting, liking, watching? When are they actually online? How long do they stay on social media?

These are all questions that will help you map out those who are in your ideal audience. Now it’s ok to attract different personas but you want to make sure that you are

Narrow down what channels are best for your biz

“A jack of all is a master of none”. You do not have to have every social media channel under the sun to be effective. Know where your audience likes to hang out and be there.

Strategize & Just Do It

When are you going to post on each channel each day at what time? What type of content are you posting when you post? Make a full strategy that you or your social media manager can follow so that you take out the guessing of social media.

Always make sure you are sharing relevant content.

Monitor & Readjust

You want to measure the results of your social media efforts so you know what is and is not working. For each social media platform you want to measure what matters most to you.


Some examples include:


  • Page likes

  • Post reach

  • Engagement

  • Page impressions

  • Content Shares


  • Engagement (replies, Retweets and likes)

  • Impressions

  • Followers

  • Response rate & time

  • Mentions

  • Tweets linking to you


Instagram has metrics if you have a business account that include:

  • Followers

  • Engagement (likes and comments)

  • Clicks to website

Social media doesn’t have to be this horrible task that takes up too much of your time. Following these steps will allow you to get your social media together and flowing in no time!

Some of my fave social media tools:

Hootusite - Schedule, Manage, and Measure all your social media in one central location. You can also give your team their own access so that you have ultimate control.

Canva - Need a quick graphic? Not photoshop savvy? No problem! Canva is here to help you make you a graphic designer. With easy drop and place elements and high quality downloads, your graphics will be beautiful!

Airbrush - No one likes to have a bad picture or to look overly edited! This is my secret photo editor that allows you to erase blemishes, brighten photos, whiten teeth, add makeup, it does it all without looking overly editing your photo.

UNUM - A seamless designed IG is what I like to strive for and UNUM helps! Instagram has never been easier! See how your grid will look before ever posting a photo. Once you like the way it look schedule your photo and caption to be posted and UNUM will send you a notification.  You can always edit your caption or photo before posting.

Fiverr - Listen at the end of the day you’re just like Kayla I get it - I just don’t want to do it Fiverr is always there with someone ready to help you get your social media on and popping!